The Ultimate Music Festival Survival Guide

The Ultimate Music Festival Survival Guide

There’s nothing like a music festival – good vibes, shimmering lights, and thousands of concertgoers coming together to celebrate life, love, and their favorite artists. If you're reading this, chances are you're gearing up for an epic weekend at an upcoming music festival, which TBH can sometimes be as stressful as it is exciting. But not to worry! We’re here to help, with our ultimate music festival survival guide…


  1. Pack smart and light. Essentials include sunscreen, a reusable water bottle, a portable charger, earplugs, cash/cards, your ID, the tickets (duh), and a small backpack to carry it all! As for your wardrobe, comfort is key. Think breathable clothes, comfortable shoes, and weather-appropriate attire in general. Oh, and don't forget to accessorize!


  1. Stay hydrated and nourished. With all the dancing and excitement, you'll need energy and hydration all through the weekend. Many festivals have water refill stations, so carry a refillable water bottle and replenish often. Also pack some energy-rich snacks like nuts, protein bars, and fruits.


  1. Master the festival schedule. Plan ahead. Know the lineup and prioritize your must-see artists. But also try to be spontaneous! Sometimes things don’t work out exactly like you hope, but you can still enjoy yourself no matter what. And who knows? You might discover your new favorite band in a lesser-known tent.


  1. Get familiar with the venue. Locate the nearest restrooms, medical tents, food vendors, and water stations. And designate a meeting point with your group in case anyone gets separated.


  1. Make safety a priority. Keep your belongings secure. Consider using a fanny pack – it’ll have a secure zipper and stay in front of you, in your sights. If you’re indulging in adult beverages at the festival, know your limits and always have a designated driver or a ride-share app ready. And don’t forget festivals are LOUD. Protect those eardrums with earplugs, especially if you're in the front row!


  1. Keep connected. Save your phone battery by turning off unnecessary apps and dimming your screen. Make a pact to check in with someone not at the festival at least once a day, so they know you're okay.


  1. Embrace the experience. Be open to new genres and artists. Explore, wander, and let the festival magic take you on a journey. Dance like nobody's watching, because nobody is – everyone's too busy dancing themselves!


8. Be positive and be kind. Everyone’s there for the love of music. Spread good vibes, help out fellow festival-goers, and remember that you’re all there to have a good, safe time.