Slay the Heat: Your Guide to Chic Summer Workwear

Slay the Heat: Your Guide to Chic Summer Workwear

During summer, traditional office attire can feel like a personal sauna. We’ve all been there, trying to strike the balance between looking professional and not melting like an ice cream cone left in the sun. Fear not, sun-baked professionals, we’ve got your summer workwear covered with these seven tips!


  1. Opt for the right fabrics. Before we jump into styles, it’s crucial to address the foundation of any summer outfit: lightweight, breathable materials! Such as linen (the undisputed champion of summer), cottons (like seersucker and madras), and chambray (which looks a lot like denim but feels oh-so-much-lighter).


  1. Decide on a sleeve. Sleeveless and cap sleeve tops can be both cool and professional when paired with a sophisticated neckline. But don’t dismiss long sleeves! They may give you more fabric, but that also offers extra protection from the sun. If you're going long, roll them up for a chic, breezy look.


  1. Choose airy bottoms. When it comes to trousers and skirts, go for wider cuts that allow airflow. Culottes and palazzos aren’t just fashion statements; they’re your ticket to an airy paradise. A-line skirts are flattering and summery – double win! And lightweight slacks are perfect in lighter colors and breathable materials.


  1. Find appropriate shoes. Summer begs for sandals, but depending where you work, not all will be office-appropriate. If you wanna be safe, opt for a closed-toe or peep-toe variety, which usually appears more professional. You could also do strappy heels or espadrilles – just choose something polished and not too beachy. And finally, flats and loafers will always work. Just find a woven pair for some ventilation.


  1. Give prints a try. Just because it’s professional attire doesn’t mean it has to be bland. Floral patterns are a classic summer choice that can be both vibrant and professional. And you can’t go wrong with classic stripes and checks. In lighter shades, these can be summer hits.


  1. Accessorize wisely. While jewelry can elevate an outfit, in the summer, less is more. Go for minimalistic pieces that don't weigh you down.


  1. Turn to tech. Sometimes modern problems require modern solutions. Cooling undershirts – yup, they exist! – can wick away sweat when you get too hot. And anti-sweat pads can be added to the interior of your clothing to prevent those dreaded sweat marks that tend to show up during summer.


Warm-weather workwear is all about combining comfort with style. When you feel cool, you’ll look cool. So whether you’re marching into the boardroom or chilling in the break room, use these tips to make a splash this summer!