Recharge with a Summer Wellness Retreat At Home

Recharge with a Summer Wellness Retreat At Home

Looking to emerge from summer as radiant as ever? Need to recharge and rejuvenate before autumn begins? Here’s your ultimate guide to a DIY summer wellness retreat at home…


  1. Set the date. Mark your calendar and protect your time. Whether you're dedicating a whole weekend, a full day, or just an afternoon, this is YOUR time. Inform your loved ones, set your out-of-office message, and mentally prepare for taking this time away from the stresses and struggles of real life.


  1. Prep your space. Turn your home into a summer haven. First, declutter. A tidy space often means a tidy mind. Next, set the ambiance. Think scented candles, fairy lights, and soft, cozy blankets. And finally, add a touch of nature – some houseplants or freshly cut flowers can bring a bit of tranquility to any room.


  1. Turn off your devices. Or at least silence those non-essential notifications. Trust us, a digital detox is not only liberating but calming.


  1. Stay hydrated. Prepare some refreshing summer drinks, like smoothies, iced herbal teas, and water infused with cucumber, mint, or citrus fruits.


  1. Create a spa experience. Exfoliate with your own sugar scrub made with sugar, coconut oil, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Pamper your skin with a classic clay mask or a homemade one made of avocado and honey. And if you have a bathtub, this is its time to shine. Add Epsom salts, essential oils, bubble bath, or even flower petals for a luxurious soak.


  1. Perform mindful activities. Find a quiet corner to meditate. Play some calming tunes, close your eyes, and simply breathe. Do yoga – there are tons of online tutorials to guide you. Try a calming flow to rejuvenate your spirit. And journal. Reflect on your summer, set some end-of-season goals, and pen down your thoughts.


  1. Nourish your body. Make a healthful, delicious, summer-themed meal. Maybe a salad filled with fresh fruits, a cold soup, or a platter of grilled meats and veggies. And for dessert? A refreshing sorbet or fruit popsicle!


  1. Get creative. Find a summer craft project. Start that scrapbook you’ve been meaning to. Or try a new hobby like painting.


9. Relax and rest up. Take a midday nap, read that summer novel you’ve been putting off, or simply lie down and listen to your thoughts and the world around you. Remember, the aim of this summer wellness retreat at home is to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. Tailor it according to what feels right for you, and most importantly, savor every moment.