7 Podcasts to Follow for Everything Pop Culture

7 Podcasts to Follow for Everything Pop Culture

Pop culture is constantly evolving. With new movies, TV shows, music, and trends popping up all the time, it can be tough to keep up with it all! But one easy way to stay informed – and entertained – is to follow a pop culture podcast. And luckily there are plenty of good ones out there. Today we’ve put together seven of the best podcasts for staying on top of all things pop culture…


Pop Culture Happy Hour: This podcast from NPR covers pop culture five days a week, with recs and reactions on the buzziest TV, movies, books, and more from its arts journalist hosts, as well as rotating guests who contribute their own intelligent and insightful commentary.


The Daily Zeitgeist: Spend every weekday with hosts Jack O'Brien and Miles Gray as they sort through all the news and current events making headlines, from discussing the latest celebrity scandals to analyzing the biggest political stories, all with a smart and comedic twist.


Who? Weekly: Every week the Who? Weekly hosts delve into celebrity stories, like the ones you see on the cover of those gossip magazines at the grocery store, giving you all the juicy details on those stars you’re still not quite sure about.


The Big Picture: From The Ringer, The Big Picture is all about the movies, with hosts Sean Fennessey and Amanda Dobbins (as well as a rotating cast of their colleagues) providing film reviews, awards season analysis, movie rankings, and more.


The Watch: Also from The Ringer, The Watch covers all aspects of pop culture, with a focus on TV and movies. Hosts Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald aren’t just pop culture addicts but longtime friends, making for great chemistry and engaging discussions.


The Popcast with Knox and Jamie: Each week, hosts Knox McCoy and Jamie Golden offer up hilarious commentary on all things that entertain but do not matter, from dissecting the latest Bachelor drama to analyzing all the latest movie releases.


Keep It: With new episodes each Wednesday, Keep It is hosted by “Princes of Pop Culture” Ira Madison III and Louis Virtel, who are joined by celebrities to cover both pop culture and politics, with discussions on the latest news and trends from a queer perspective.