7 Beauty Trends Inspired By Your Favorite Shows

7 Beauty Trends Inspired By Your Favorite Shows

It's no surprise that TV shows can be a huge influence on fashion and beauty trends. From iconic looks of the past like Rachel haircut from Friends to the bold, colorful makeup of today’s Euphoria, many shows set the tone for what's in style. And here are a few of our favorites…


Regencycore Inspired By Bridgerton

Bridgerton has taken the world by storm with its stunning costumes and gorgeous beauty looks. The show's focus on the Regency era has sparked a trend of Regencycore in the fashion and beauty world. Think soft, natural makeup with a focus on flushed cheeks and glossy lips, paired with statement hair accessories like pearls and headbands.


1950’s Glam Inspired By WandaVision

WandaVision pays homage to classic sitcoms from the 1950’s through the 1990’s, but in the early episodes, Wanda's look was heavily inspired by the former, with her signature scarlet lip, winged liner, and flawless complexion. This look has been making a comeback in the beauty world, with a focus on matte skin and bold, red lips.


Neon Inspired By Euphoria

Euphoria has become synonymous with bold, colorful makeup looks, and the show has inspired a trend for neon makeup. Think bright pinks, blues, and greens, highlighted by glitter and graphic eyeliner. This trend is all about having fun and being creative with your makeup.


Bold Liner Inspired By The Queen's Gambit

The Queen's Gambit was a huge hit in 2020, and one of the standout beauty looks was Beth Harmon's bold, graphic eyeliner. The key to doing this trend right is to keep the rest of your makeup simple and let the liner be the star of the show.


90’s Nostalgia Inspired By Friends

Friends may have ended almost two decades ago, but the nostalgia this beloved sitcom evokes seems to have never gone away. The show's iconic looks, such as Rachel's choppy haircut and Monica’s dark lip, have also given life to 90’s-inspired beauty trends. 


Royal Elegance Inspired By The Crown

The Crown has been a cultural phenomenon since its premiere, with its stunning costumes and glamorous beauty looks. The show has inspired a trend for royal elegance in the beauty world, with a focus on classic, timeless makeup looks like red lips and soft, natural eye shadow. 


Minimalism Inspired By The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid's Tale is known for its stark dystopian setting and minimalist beauty looks. The show inspires a trend of minimalism in makeup and skincare, with a focus on natural, glowing skin and understated makeup. Think tinted moisturizers, sheer lip balms, and subtle highlighters. It’s all about simplicity and embracing your natural beauty.